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At Turnstyle, we believe in providing high-performance youth work through bespoke programs that combine specific subject lectures with elite level combat sport instruction. Our aim is to provide solutions to the many issues faced by young people today. We are dedicated to empowering young individuals to realize their full potential and become the best versions of themselves.
Our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment where young people can grow, learn and thrive.


Danny Williams

Danny Williams is a renowned international Judo player hailing from Great Britain. With a passion for martial arts and a strong dedication to his craft, he has represented GB and England in numerous prestigious competitions worldwide, including the Olympic and Commonwealth Games. Alongside his sporting achievements, Danny is also a youth worker, using his experiences and skills to positively impact the lives of young individuals in his community. As a competitive Judo coach, he imparts his knowledge and expertise to aspiring athletes, nurturing the next generation of talents. Additionally, Danny serves as a mentor, providing guidance and support to those seeking personal and athletic growth. Through his multifaceted roles, Danny Williams continues to be a driving force in both the Judo world and the lives of the young people he works with. 


Peter O'Shea

Pete O'Shea is an exceptional youth worker, mentor, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, whose life experiences have shaped his unique approach to making a difference in the lives of young individuals. With unwavering dedication, Pete has been an integral part of Turnstyle UK, where he wholeheartedly commits to empowering the community he serves.

Having faced his own set of challenges and triumphs throughout life, Pete draws upon his lived experiences to connect with and inspire the youth he mentors. He understands firsthand the transformative power of resilience and self-belief, and he shares these invaluable life lessons with the young people he encounters.

As a seasoned Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, Pete uses martial arts as a medium to instill discipline, focus, and determination in his mentees. Beyond teaching physical techniques, he imparts essential life skills, fostering personal growth and development in those he guides.

Pete's ability to relate to the struggles and aspirations of the young individuals he works with allows him to create a safe and supportive space for them to thrive. His genuine empathy and compassionate nature have earned him the trust and admiration of the community.

Through his roles as a youth worker, mentor, and martial artist, Pete O'Shea continues to make a profound impact on the lives of countless individuals. His commitment to empowering others and leveraging his lived life experiences exemplifies his passion for creating a brighter future for the youth he serves and the community at large.


Craig Paterson

Craig is an individual who came to know Pete through Danny, shared Judo coach for him and his two boys, and also a close friend. Introduced a couple of years ago by Danny, Pete struck Craig as a lovely and humble man. Craig learned about Pete’s impactful work with young people, aiming to make a positive difference in their lives through both his inspirational life story and experiences, as well as his expertise in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. As a long-time martial arts student and a Close Protection Operative by profession, Pete approached Craig to assist in his Fighting Chance / Turnstyle program for young people in areas near Craig’s residence. Excited about the opportunity, Craig has thoroughly enjoyed being part of the team, collaborating with Pete, Danny, Bill, and, of course, the young participants in the sessions.

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